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Create Extraordinary Images with Your Pocket Microscope

This is a jAdis tutorial for creating extraordinary images of ordinary objects using your Pocket Microscope and iPhone.


Step 1

Activate the light on your Pocket Microscope with the switch next to the eyepiece, place the Microscope against the object you would like magnified.


Step 2

Look through the eyepiece and turn the focusing knob until the surface of the object becomes sharp. Explore the surface of the object until you see something that interests you. 


Step 3

Hold your Pocket Microscope with one hand, and use the other to align your iPhone camera with the eyepiece. Once you can clearly see the bright circle at the center of the eyepiece, pinch to zoom until the circle fills the frame. This step is tricky and may take some practice!


Step 4

Holding your iPhone and Pocket Microscope steady, press and hold on the center of the circle until the image is sharp, bright, and the words "AE/AF LOCK" appear near the top of your screen. This means that your camera's exposure and focus are locked. 

hasan-almasi-nKNm_75lH4g-unsplash Copy.j

Step 5

You are ready to start taking photos! This process is imperfect and will take practice to master, but it will enable you to create extraordinary images of ordinary objects to share with all.

IMG_8365 2.HEIC

Step 6

Explore, create, and share!

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